The Ultimate Lift Like a Girl Exercise Design template

the ultimate lift like a girl workout template Presenting one of the most flexible and reliable strength training exercise design templates.

While this ultimate Lift Like a Girl workout design template shouldn’t be identified as a holy grail or supersecret program (because, as you know, no such thing exists), it is perfectly effective and versatile. Use this template and follow the accompanying guidelines and you’ll certainly achieve some amazing outcomes.

What Is The Ultimate Lift Like a Woman Template?

Excellent question. At its core it has to do with simpleness. Not “basic” for the sake of being easy, however since it’s wonderful for those who wish to get in the fitness center, strive, then go out and get on with their lives.

The longer I remain in the health and wellness world, the more I appreciate the beauty and effectiveness of simplicity. Far frequently, lots of people make complex the hell out of working out. You see individuals with spreadsheets, calculators, and heart displays and it takes them half an hour simply to set up their exercise.

Strength training does not need to be that complicated. (Please keep in mind: competitive athletes do need specific training. This template is implied for trainees who wish to look great and feel terrific without spending a ton of time working out.)

One final note. Throughout the years I’ve been a fan of the 80/20 concept (i.e., that 20 percent of the effort is accountable for 80 percent of the outcomes) and have actually used it to damn near every area of my life. Quite just: do what needs to be done to produce the majority of the outcomes, and forget the rest.

Working out is no different. Do what has to be done to produce most of the outcomes and don’t diddle with the rest. That’s exactly what the Lift Like a Girl design template is about. Performance. Selecting quality over amount.

Who Is This Design template For?

This is for anybody. Whether you exercise at a gym, at home with simply your bodyweight, usage kettlebells, and whatever between, you can utilize this template. While anybody can use this template successfully, those who prefer to work hard in a brief time period and don’t wish to spend hours per week working out will most take pleasure in, and appreciate, it.

The Lift Like a Lady Workout Template

First, let’s take a look at this template in its the majority of standard, raw type.

The Lift Like a Girl Workout Template: carry out 3 exercises (a lower body movement, and an upper body push and pull) for an overall of 25-50 representatives per workout.

Here’s a sample circuit using that basic design template:

  • 1a) Squat– 4 × 8 (4 sets, 8 reps)

  • 1b) Push-up– 4 × 8

  • 1c) Inverted row– 4 × 8

  • Repeat the circuit 3 more times

Yes, that’s it. 3 workouts each carried out for an overall of 32 reps (4 sets multiplied by 8 associates is 32). However do not let the simpleness fool you. If you utilize proper workouts (like those shown above) and strive (utilize a tough weight or variation for the provided associate variety), you’ll end up being a follower with the very first workout.

Much like an ice cream sundae, this Lift Like a Lady workout template can be found in lots of tasty tastes, and you can include various garnishes to suite your taste (more on these add-ons in a moment).

Now let’s broaden on that basic design template and make things ever much better.

The Template, Four Ways

To best utilize the design template it’s advised that you hit all significant movements (horizontal and vertical pushing and pulling for the upper body; quad and hip dominant exercises for the lower body) and consist of a mix of bilateral (utilizing both legs or arms at the very same time; e.g., squat or barbell press, respectively) and unilateral (utilizing one leg or arm at a time; e.g., lunge or one arm dumbbell push press, respectively) training in your workouts. This can be achieved by using four exercise formats with the Lift Like a Girl template.

Exercise 1

  • Bilateral quad dominant (e.g., squat)

  • Vertical push (e.g., barbell press)

  • Vertical pull (e.g., pull-up)

Exercise 2

  • Single leg hip dominant (e.g., single leg RDL)

  • Horizontal push (e.g., push-up)

  • Horizontal pull (e.g., dumbbell row)

Exercise 3

  • Single leg quad dominant (e.g., rear foot elevated split squat)

  • Vertical push (e.g., one arm dumbbell push press)

  • Vertical pull (e.g., one arm cable pull-down)

Workout 4

  • Bilateral hip dominant (e.g., deadlift)

  • Horizontal push (e.g., one arm dumbbell bench press)

  • Horizontal pull (e.g., inverted row)

The fantastic thing about carrying out all four of the exercises above is that you’ll not only hit the major movements, but you’ll consist of an excellent mix of unilateral and bilateral training.

How to Turn the Four Workouts

Now that you have 4 outstanding Lift Like a Girl exercise design templates (Exercises 1-4 above) this is how you can cycle them into your weekly regimen. You cannot fail with three workouts per week on nonconsecutive days. Here’s how you’ll rotate the 4 exercises over the course of two weeks.

Week 1

  • Monday– Workout 1

  • Wednesday– Workout 2

  • Friday– Exercise 3

Week 2

  • Monday– Exercise 4

  • Wednesday– Exercise 1

  • Friday– Workout 2

… and repeat.

Sets and Reps

“However how many sets and representatives should I carry out?” you’re likely questioning. Wonder no more. A terrific rule of thumb, as shown at the start, is to carry out 25-50 representatives per workout. To strike that objective you can use numerous set and rep mixes. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • 5 × 5 (5 sets, 5 representatives each set)

  • 4 × 8

  • 3 × 12-15

  • Pyramid up (increase the weight each set): 1 × 12, 1 × 10, 1 × 8, 1 × 6

  • Pyramid down (decrease the weight each set): 1 × 6, 1 × 8, 1 × 10, 1 × 12

  • One of my favorites, 10 × 3

That short list certainly isn’t tired; there are many methods to set up sets and reps, however those are a few of my favorites.


Returning to our ice cream sundae reference, you have a variety of optional add-ons to select from. Consider it like spraying on some nuts or other garnishes to a sundae. You don’t require them, but they exist if you want them.

Here are some possible add-ons:

  • Isolation workouts: perhaps you want to work your glutes more or train your abs or arms straight. No issue. After the main exercise is complete you can perform seclusion exercises (e.g., hip thrusts, biceps curls, triceps muscles extensions, and so on) for about 10 minutes.

  • Interval training: possibly you want to increase weight loss or enhance your conditioning. You can conclude the workout with 5-10 minutes of periods.

  • Steady-state activity: you can think of this as conventional “cardio” work. You can constantly finish up a workout with 10-20 minutes of moderate strength activity.

Now let’s put everything together into a sample program.

Putting Everything Together

Desire a sample program using the Lift Like a Lady Design template? Here you go. Carry out 3 workouts weekly on nonconsecutive days, turning as revealed above.

Exercise 1

  • 1) Squat– 5 × 5

  • 2a) Barbell press– 5 × 5

  • 2b) Pull-up *– 5 × 5

  • 3) Optional add-on

* Perform helped pull-ups if you can’t (yet!) utilize your bodyweight.

Workout 2

  • 1a) Single leg RDL– 4 × 10 each leg

  • 1b) Push-up– 4 × 10

  • 1c) Inverted row– 4 × 10

  • 2) Optional add-on

Workout 3

  • 1a) Rear foot raised split squat– 2 × 8, 2 × 12 each leg

  • 1b) One arm dumbbell push press– 2 × 8, 2 × 12 each arm

  • 1c) One arm cable television pull-down– 2 × 8, 2 × 12 each arm

  • 2) Optional add-on

Workout 4

  • 1) Deadlift– 3 × 5

  • 2a) One arm dumbbell bench press– 2 × 8, 2 × 12 each arm

  • 2b) Inverted row– 2 × 8, 2 × 12

  • 3) Optional add-on

Keep in mind: when a workout has a number next to it (1, 2, or 3) carry out all sets for that workout by itself. For instance with Exercise 4, perform all three sets of deadlifts, then move on to the rest of the exercise. When exercises have a number + letter (1a, 1b, or 2a, 2b) carry out those exercises as a superset (this is simply two exercises) or a circuit (this is 3 or more workouts). Sticking to Exercise 4 as an example, carry out exercises 2a and 2b in alternating style (carry out a set of dumbbell bench presses, perform a set of inverted rows, repeat).

Keep in mind that you can plug in the optional add-on work as you please. It’s not necessary, but you can include it if you ‘d like.

Don’t forget– you need to improve your efficiency, gradually, when possible. Perform more associates with the very same weight, increase the weight, or decrease the pause between workouts. Improving your efficiency is a compulsory component if you wish to attain terrific results.

Utilize the Lift Like a Woman design template and sample workouts revealed above, and perform them consistently for at least eight weeks and you’ll be a follower too.

Let The Enjoyable Begin!

Please remember exactly what strength training is all about: making you the very best variation of yourself. These workouts ought to make you feel excellent and enable you to value your body for exactly what it can do. Health and wellness is a tool that must make your life much better, minimize your stress, and make you feel terrific about yourself.

The above exercises are not about burning as lots of calories as possible or indicated to leave you incredibly fatigued. The workouts are not penalty for overindulging either. Every time you carry out the workouts above keep the focus on your performance and exactly what your body can do. Be proud of your physical capabilities, and aim to do more.

Want done-for-you workouts that use the three-exercise templates revealed above that consist of exercise demonstration videos, exercise logs, and more?

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