Not Inspired to Exercise? Do This.

not-motivated-to-work-out-photo If you’re not inspired to exercise, what should you do?

Motivation is wonderful, and powerful. When you have it, whatever is easier. (Go to the fitness center today? Oh hell yes, I’m prepared! Make great food choices? Please, that’s no issue with inspiration securely by my side.)

When you do not have inspiration, you desperately want to get it back. (Go to the gym to work out? But I do not feel like it; I didn’t want to yesterday and I sure as hell do not wish to today. And pass on my preferred dessert? Hey, piss off, friend. I’m going to plant my face in a huge ass bowl of ice cream, and inspiration isn’t really here to stop me.)

I’ve mentioned that motivation is perishable. It’s not limitless and doesn’t appear as needed. When the last thing you wish to do is exercise you cannot turn a motivation-switch so your “I don’t want to” becomes “I’m unstoppable!” Yes, there are things we can do to ignite motivation and stoke the fire (click that motivation is disposable link for more information), however it’s not constantly there, no matter what we do.

When you’re not inspired to exercise, there’s actually just one service: Show up anyhow, and do the work.

Call it discipline. Call it being a relentless badass. Call it a built-in habit. Call it whatever you want, but sometimes that’s what needs to be done.

Approved, there are days I do not feel like doing a workout, so I will not; it’s OK to skip one periodically (often we require rest more than an exercise, or a relaxing walk instead of a challenging weight lifting session), however that’s not a sensible choice to do week after week. You don’t desire skipping every exercise to be your go-to action when you simply don’t feel like it.

You need to learn to distinguish the vital difference between your body needing a break and your mind desiring a break. In the wonderful world of strength training, this isn’t really something most beginner strength trainees can do properly, so they need to appear and do something usually. However advanced strength trainees need to be experienced at paying attention to their body and understanding the difference.

If you find yourself getting into a stretch of making less-than-ideal choices when it comes to food or working out, it’s OKAY. Don’t beat yourself up over it. But begin doing something productive, even if the motivation isn’t really there.

The next time you do not feel inspired to work out: Program up, and do something. It does not have to be the very best exercise of your life, you don’t necessarily have to beat your previous workout’s efficiency, however just do something to obtain you started.

And if you discover yourself on a prolonged stretch of making less than ideal food choices, start making better choices today, with your next meal.

One final note on being motivated to work out that you should not ignore: There’s a great chance that taking action will lead to inspiration. Program up, and do something. Usually the doing is what fuels the motivation to continue.

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