My Body (And Her Body) Is Not Your Measuring Stick

my body is not your measuring stick My body is not your measuring stick.

My body should not make you feel even worse about yourself.

My body should not make you feel better about yourself.

Your body is not my determining stick.

Your body should not make me feel worse, or better, about myself.

The same can be stated for any woman’s body– no body needs to be your determining stick.

While I publish workouts and videos on this website and in the Lift Like a Lady workout guides, you must not utilize my body for comparison, or anybody else’s.

Let’s bring this to light with an existing example: the Olympics. Every 4 years the exact same thing occurs; individuals fear of the physical-prowess, and look, of gymnasts. Articles present shouting, “If you wish to appear like a gymnast, train like one!” That’s when bodyweight workouts and suspension trainer/ring workouts make a resurgence.

Let’s make one thing blatantly clear: a professional gymnast needs to not be your measuring stick.

Gymnasts train for hours practically every day. Numerous train 30 or more hours weekly and oftentimes twice a day. That’s basically a full time task, my good friend. Believe you could work even half of that load into your busy life?

If you don’t wish to commit your life to being a great gymnast, then do not use the body of an 18 years of age professional gymnast as your measuring stick. The body of any professional athlete is the outcome (not the goal) of their lots of, lots of years of training to be the very best at their sport.

Saying, “Do not utilize my body or anyone else’s as a measuring stick” sounds easy enough, however applying it can be tough. I understand, since I’ve existed. Everywhere we look– be it fitness and health magazines, websites, or damn near any magazine targeted at women– is plastered with females who have a specific look.

How can we not be affected by this and believe those females are our determining stick?

And I’ve received e-mails from ladies asking, “If I do your workout program will I appear like you?” Unless we have the exact same moms and dads, you’re 31 years of ages and have actually been strength training effectively for over 15 years, you’re 5’6 ″ and have long arms, a short upper body, long legs, and my other specific biological characteristics, I’m not going to say yes.

The objective with any program I develop is to help you reach your objectives be it fat loss, to get stronger, or develop muscle. But you’ll look like you and not me, or anyone else. My body is not your measuring stick, and neither is her’s.

Here are some measurements that do matter, and you ‘d be a good idea to track these. I use these with customers, and myself:

  • The quality of your life
  • How you feel and move
  • Energy levels
  • Blood markers (e.g., cholesterol, fasting blood glucose, and so on)
  • Your confidence
  • Your physical (and mental) strength

Those are just a few measurements to track that are actually beneficial and proper strength training and basic nutrition are a few of the best tools. Get those measurements relocating the right direction and you’ll do extremely well.

If you require more direction than that, answer these concerns:

  • How do y I want to feel and move?
  • What do I desire my body to be able to do?
  • How can eating well and exercising become a pleasurable (or more sustainable) part of my life?

Those responses are your measuring stick.

Withstand the consistent temptation to compare your body to anybody else’s; anything telling you that “You can look much like her too!” is rampant bullshit of fitness and health. Prevent it. Be you. Become the best variation of yourself.

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